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Creating Opportunities for Student Success

Contact Information

Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, University at Albany

135 Western Avenue, Draper 302
Albany NY 12222

Phone: 518-442.3900 Fax: 518-442.3877

Email: contact@thenetproject.org

Project Services

The NET project is committed to preparing students for the 21st century workforce through the promotion of gender neutral educational strategies and practices.


NET Project staff and consultants are available to conduct onsite professional staff development workshops for individual institutions or for regional groups. A sample of workshop topics follows:

A. Full-day workshops:

Nontraditional Enrollments in Career and Technical Education: Strategies for Recruitment Retention, and Placement

This one-day workshop for secondary level teachers and educational staff addresses gender equity issues in the context of career decision making. Participants learn how to assess the classroom climate for a “gendered culture” and implement gender-balanced instructional strategies. Successful techniques for recruiting “nontraditional students” are reviewed, which include those for encouraging males to pursue careers in helping fields and females to prepare for careers in trades, technology and science. Special programs that provide career information to parents and community partners are identified. A combination of presentations, small group activities, videos and discussions are utilized to involve participants in an interactive learning experience.

As a result of this workshop, self-defined teams will have completed an action plan for increasing nontraditional enrollments in areas identified in response to Perkins III guidelines. All Programs/Media are provided.

Gender and Enrollments at the Two-Year College : What’s the Connection and Why is it Important? "

This one-day workshop for community college level faculty and staff encourages the use of gender balanced strategies to increase college enrollments. Participants learn to assess the campus and the classroom for a “gendered culture”, identify potential instances of gender bias, discrimination and harassment, and develop guidelines and practices to support an equitable campus climate. Gender-balanced instructional strategies are reviewed. Samples of recruitment strategies are offered for implementation.

As a result of this workshop, self-defined teams will have completed an action plan for increasing nontraditional enrollments in areas identified in response to Perkins III guidelines. All Programs/Media are provided.

B. Half-day workshops

Retention Strategies in Nontraditional Careers

This highly interactive workshop addresses retention of nontraditional students from two relevant perspectives – the classroom environment and the overall campus climate. Participants review research on why nontraditional students drop out and learn to assess the classroom climate for a “gendered” culture”. Plans and strategies for implementing gender-balanced instructional strategies and developing appropriate supports for nontraditional students are developed through team activities.

The workshop format includes presentation, group activities, discussion, video and individual surveys. All Programs/Media are provided.

Gender and Career Choice: Still an Influence After All These Years

This workshop presents an overview of the influence of gender in career decision making. Critical stages, cultural messages, educational resources, and “influencers” are among the topics covered in this interactive session. The gender patterns of career choice and the relevance for 21 st century career planning provide for highly engaging discussion and activity. Videos, cultural artifacts, team activities, discussion and presentation are all incorporated into the workshop.

C. Customized workshops

Project staff are available to design a workshop or a facilitated meeting in response to a specific request from a funded college or secondary school. This service is offered as a supplement to the workshop offerings described. The purpose of customized workshops and facilitated meetings is to address gender related issues or organizational challenges that may serve as a barrier to the successful implementation of the nontraditional effort on campus.

For information about prices and scheduling of workshops, contact Sandra McGarraugh at smcgarraugh@uamail.albany.edu.